"Flyfishing with a Pinch of Salt" is a DVD/Video which will appeal to anglers who want to cast a fly in the sea around our coasts. For the newcomer there is sound information on 'How to do it' and for the experienced fly man there is the 'Where and When' and for all anglers there is lots of fish catching action ranging from scad and mackerel to bass and mullet.

Flyfishing with a Pinch of Salt - Front Cover

Of course most saltwater fly-fishing techniques have been developed in tropical waters but the exciting challenge of catching hard fighting bass, powerful crash-diving pollack or unbelievably dogged mullet on fly gear is only as far as the nearest coast from your door.

If you would like to get hold of a copy it is on sale from Orvis, or Veals Mail Order Enjoy your fishing - Mike, Geoff and Steve. !

Flyfishing with a Pinch of Salt - Back Cover