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These pages are the diary entries since I started my website. It will take me some time to put them all on. I shall start with the oldest ones and gradually build up to the most recent.

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September 1/2 2001

My friend Alan Vaughan came down for a couple of bassing sessions on the 1st and 2nd of September. He showed me how to use chugging plugs and I took him to a spot where I expected there would be plenty of school bass to exercise his fly rod.

Alan plugging with light braid and a jointed floater.

Of course Alan has caught loads of bass on lures. Like many other bass anglers he has his favourite plugs but changes the lure according to conditions (how shallow it needs to run, how far it needs to be cast etc).

This small bass took a Storm Thunderstick plug.

Alan had not caught many bass on the fly so he was chuffed to land four in a session from the small shoal which was feeding on seaweed fly maggots almost at his feet.

Alan managed to get his bass on a fly (a tiny Delta rubber eel).  In fact we had four fish on chugging plugs, three on floating divers and seven on the fly.  The best fish weighed just on four pounds and took a Chug Bug.

I could hardly believe it when the first bass took my chugging plug. In fact all our fish took the lures long after they had finished chugging and were just sitting on the surface like sticks of rock.

My first ever bass on a popper.