Catch fish with Mike Ladle.

Catch Fish with
Mike Ladle


Every now and again I write a page, based on my holidays, about fishing overseas - mainly in the company of my pal Steve Pitts. These pages have generated a good deal of interest from the readers of the blog, As a result, we decided that it might be of interest if we produced a film (DVD) showing how we approach fishing in tropical seas. Steve, myself and my son Richard (who introduced us to Caribbean fishing in the first place) have put together such a film. It has taken several years to make but we think we've covered most of the interesting species you can catch from the shore or from small boats.

Many anglers like a bit more detail about tackle and tactics than is clearly seen on film so we've also added a CD ROM providing just this sort of info and trying to answer some of the key questions. This includes a picture gallery of many fish and places not seen in the DVD and a few articles about fishing for particular species. One last bit of advice - wherever or whenever you go DON'T LEAVE THE ROD BEHIND or you'll regret it:


For most anglers, the idea of fishing in the Caribbean was once a faraway dream but nowadays, cheaper air fares and package holidays to exotic destinations mean that the chance to chase big game fish and tropical speedsters is an affordable reality.

* where do you start?

* what tackle do you take?

* where do you even begin to fish?

* what species are you likely to encounter?

These are all questions that we have pondered over and now, having fished from one end of the Caribbean to the other, we have refined our choice of tackle and discovered novel and exciting ways of catching the fast and powerful fish, which inhabit the deep blue of the ocean or haunt the crystal clear waters of the flats, reefs and mangroves.

With only the tackle that we successfully use for sea fishing back home, we set about dispelling the myths that you have to spend s on specialist gear & mega-bucks on hiring guides and fancy boats in order to get amongst the best fish.

We prefer instead to fish from the shore and go to sea with the local fishermen, sometimes being out- gunned by monster fish, or battled to exhaustion by adversaries punching way above their weight but always conveying the thrills, excitement and drama that is guaranteed, whenever you're "Fishing in the Caribbean."

Purbeck Productions 2006

CONTAINS STRONG LANGUAGE (could it be otherwise when I'm fishing?)

The set is now available from Veal's Mail Order. Tel. 0845 644 1993 or

If you have any comments or questions about fish, methods, tactics or 'what have you.'get in touch with me by sending an E-MAIL to -


These bass-like fish provide wonderful sport for shore anglers fishing around river mouths and mangrove forests.


The 'holy grail' of many fly fishermen these fantastic fish are crab addicts.


If you want to hear the reel scream hook a jack from the shore - it may be you who screams loudest.


These fish jump so much and escape so often we began to call them 'tarpoffs'.


If you read the magazines you may think that fly fishing is the only way to catch these battlers - not so!