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A few weeks ago Steve Pitts had a short (one week) fishing trip to the Seychelles with three pals. I was invited to go but couldn't - I'm still weeping. When he came back he had some wonderful pictures and a few good tales of catches and 'ones that got away'. Since my sea angling has probably finished for the winter now I thought a few more warming views of tropical islands and their fish might not come amiss. This time they were fly fishing on the flats.

I'm on holiday next week so here's a few pictures to be going on with.

Fly fishing.

Steve tells me that bonefish were prolific on the sandy flats but the largest caught was about four pounds. Nevertheless these fish are fantastic sport on fly gear. The lads waded on the flats casting over the sand or the beds of turtle grass. Bonefish were not the only species that fancied flies and a number of colourful and attractive fish were landed in the course of the trip.

Apparently there were lots of small reef sharks and lemon sharks that came sniffing round your feet while you were wading. On one occasion a slightly larger specimen approached one of the anglers and - as you might - he decided to give it a prod with the end of his fly rod. Just to see what it might do. It whipped round and bit the end off the fly rod - so now he knows!

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Near enough to satisfy me anyway.


Steve said that there were miles of sandy flats loaded with fish that had never seen a fly.

Southern dart.

Similar to palometa or pompano and beautiful fish.

Spangled emperor.

Another wonderfully coloured fish taken on the fly.

What they were really after.

The bonefish were not big but they made up for that in numbers.

Spot the problem.

There were lots of sharks and when prodded with a fly rod one turned round and bit the end off the tip section.