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24 March 2002

More bassing

After catching two small bass on a plug I went down to the same spot on the following morning with my pal Keith Starks. I was amazed to find that the sea was much rougher than on the previous morning. In fact there was an onshore wind as well as a big swell which combined to make fishing a light lure impossible in all but a couple of spots. I made my first cast at 05.15 hours - just as it was getting light. But there was no sign of anything for the first half hour (I might as well have stayed in bed). I was just beginning to think that the rough weather had moved the bass elsewhere when the rod was pulled over by a decent fish. It made two or three runs before I could beach it in the heavy surf. Six pounds!

After taking a few pictures we fished on for some time but it was obvious that the fish had been on its own and there were no more bites. Anyway, it is encouraging to catch decent bass on lures at this time of year. Let's hope that the season continues in the same vein.

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Keith fishing as dawn breaks.

Casting into the teeth of the wind as the sky glows red.

A bit later.

Normally it would be possible to stand further out (if necessary) but the big swell made it dangerous.

My six pounder.

The fish had engulfed the little plug and was hooked on both trebles.

Worth a closer look.

Well I thought so anyhow!.