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20 October 2005

Success and failure.

The other day I went fishing with a friend Ian Pople. Ian lives not too far away in Hampshire and occasionally has to come down to this area for the day. We decided to meet for an early morning bassing session. I had not been down to the Purbeck coast for the best part of a week so I had no idea what to expect. Having no preconceptions of what was about we opted to fish only a minute or two from the car park.

There was a bit of an offshore breeze but the sea was absolutely flat calm. It was possible to stand at the water's edge without even getting your feet wet. Since it was dark when we started fishing (06.15hr) and the water is shallow Ian started with a popper and I had on a shallow diving plug. For ten or fifteen minutes nothing! Then I had a sharp pull at long range and shortly afterwards a fish struck at Ian's popper. He hooked it and played it almost to the beach before it came off, catapulting the popper back into his face (on such occasions wearing glasses is a real asset) but no harm done. Then I had a reasonable bass on the plug. All in all we had several more bites and landed two more slightly smaller bass before I packed in at about 08.00 hr.

An email from Ian said that he had nothing else after I left but that was not quite the end of the story. The following morning I decided to have another go and was joined by Nigel. We arrived to find the sea flat but a huge (dangerously large) swell crashing on the beach. The spot I'd fished with Ian was still fishable with care but there were masses of weed right in the edge. As it got light I noticed that the margin was a carpet of floating maggots and a small number of fish (bass and mullet) were mopping them up. I had left the fly rod at home (will I never learn) but we managed only a few tentative plucks from fish right at the end of the retrieve on the lures. Nothing caught! There's always something to see and learn.

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First bass.

The fish seemed to be taking some distance out.

A smaller one.

Again taken on the Maria at range.

A calm interlude.

I took the picture between two crashing swells.


When the maggots are as thick as this in the edge no wonder fish come in to feed.