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03 November 2005

November bass.

I tried a session of bait fishing one evening this week. It was a dark mild night with heavy cloud cover and a pretty rough sea. On my way to the beach I met a local chap, Mark, who had been spinning and had caught a bass on his plug - quite encouraging. Mark said he had only started bassing this year but had caught a number of fish on bait and lures. My idea was to freeline a squid in the hopes of a big fish - not a sniff. I gave it an hour before deciding that I was not going to catch anything. I then decided to have a look the following morning - this time with a lure. Again no fish but one of the more spectacular sunrises. Worth getting up just for that.

Later in the week I decided to have another go. This time I found that the tide was very high. The weather was still mild but the sunrise was not impressive. At my chosen spot I found that there was a very heavy swell running with big waves smashing onto the rocks. The sea proved to be almost free of weed so I decided to stick to the Maria plug that I've been trying all season. It cast well into the breeze and seemed to be fishing OK. It was about ten minutes before I had a take - well out at the limit of my cast (about 50m). I missed the first pluck but it was not long before I had another and landed a fish of about three pounds. In the next half hour I had five more reasonable bass. The nearest one was almost under the rod top and right in the breaking waves. It had clearly been working along the edge of the sea despite the massive surf and strong undertow. It's obviously no problem to a decent bass. All in all a good morning.

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I always feel pleased to see such a fine sunrise when I go fishing.

Heavy surf.

The big waves were sweeping my lure round to the left as I retrieved.  Fish were not thick on the ground but seemed well spread out (no 'hot spot').

Nice bass.

This one surprised me by taking just as I was about to lift the lure out.

Close in or what?.

This is just about where the fish was hooked.  I was standing on a rock a foot or two above the waves.