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10 November 2005

More November bass.

I'm off to Belize with my pal Steve Pitts and our wives next week so probably no more pages until we get back. We'll be doing quite a bit of fishing while we're away so hopefully there'll be a few nice sunny pictures before Christmas.

This week I went fishing, after dark, with Nigel on a local shingle beach. When we arrived we had it to ourselves. Nigel had fished there a couple of times recently and landed several decent bass on mackerel and garfish baits so we were quite hopeful. There was a reasonable swell running but (stupidly as it turned out) I decided to freeline a big mackerel fillet on a circle hook. Nigel stuck to using the three ounce lead and a pennel rig that had served him well before. He cast out about twenty or thirty yards and waited - rod in hand. I lobbed my fillet about ten yards and, to avoid it being swept ashore, walked slowly along the beach in the direction of the wind and waves. To be honest it was quite difficult to know where the bait was or even which direction the line was going in but I managed quite well and could walk up to a couple of hundred metres before reeling in, walking back to Nigel's stance and repeating the exercise.

Every time I arrived back at the starting point we had a little chat about what was happening. The first action was a three bearded rockling landed by Nigel - otherwise nothing until high water, about an hour after we started. Then, during one of our interludes of chatting. Nigel's rod was yanked round by a fierce bite and he was into a really hard fighting fish. I grabbed the camera but it was some time before the fish (5.75lb) slid ashore. After the usual admiration of the catch we went back to fishing and about ten minutes later I looked up to see that my mate was into another fish. This one proved to be about four-and-a-half pounds and again was duly landed and returned. Shortly afterwards it began to rain and by now the tide had turned and the sea was rougher so we packed in and went home.

Nigel two (plus his rockling) Mike nil but I was still happy with my free lining approach. Perhaps the conditions were just a bit too rough for leadless fishing but I'd try it again given similar conditions and perhaps next time I might be the fortunate one (fat chance!).

If you have any comments or questions about fish, methods, tactics or 'what have you.'get in touch with me by sending an E-MAIL to -

He's in!

Nigel feels the weight and power of his first bass - somewhere out there in the gloom.

He's winning!

The bass fought hard but was gradually coming closer.


We feel some relief when the fish eventually slides ashore.

What a beauty.

Fat as a barrel an Autumn bass lies on the shingle.

Is he pleased?

I'll say he is.

.....and another one.

Nigel's second bass of the two hour session.