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13 April 2002

Another evening

Following Nigel's success reported last week the wind switched from the east to a light south westerly. Of course, the wind direction makes a huge difference to sea conditions so, together with Dave Cooling and Keith Starks I decided to try a stretch of boulder strewn beach which is generally more productive later in the year.

High tide was due at about half-past-eight, just on dusk. As we had guessed the sea proved to be pretty calm and clear. All three of us decided to use jointed, shallow diving, buoyant plugs because the water was pretty shallow and the bottom very snaggy. For the first hour or so we flogged away with no sign of life. It was a beautiful evening and there was no problem casting the light lures well out into the faint breeze. About half-an-hour before high tide I commented to Keith that if we did not get a bite in the next hour we might as well pack in and go home. The comment was based on past experience at that spot when the bass were present in numbers.

Five minutes later there was a wrench on the rod tip and a schoolie hooked itself and struggled gamely as it was played landed and released. Another ten minutes and a second small fish joined the first. After that none of us had any more bites but the sunset was spectacular as we walked back along the beach to the car. Perhaps the fish were not much to shout about but it is still very early in the season for the stretch of shore we were fishing and the catch bodes well for the coming season.

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My first evening schoolie of the season.

Even these little fish take the plug fiercely.

-- and the second!.

Again on the same fair sized plug.

The sun sets slowly in the west.

The end of a perfect spring evening.