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24 August 2006

Bassing - mixed fortunes.

Ben and I had our usual Saturday morning session last weekend. Last time that we went to the chosen stretch we blanked completely - a fairly rare occurrence lately. Anyway, we started off with plugs (Ben) and poppers (me) at first light - all to no avail. After a half-hour with no sign of anything we decided to press on along the shore. I should say that the conditions were quite rough and there was a bit of colour in the sea. Quite a few stretches were more or less unfishable because of drifting weed.

Perhaps understandably we were not too optimistic after the previous abortive trip. After trying a couple of spots without results I switched to a sub-surface plug to give myself a chance of a wrasse if there were no bass about. After a further ten minutes with no bites it was something of a surprise when suddenly the rod was yanked round and I found myself playing a fish. The fish put up a fair show and proved to be a modest bass so I was quite pleased and got Ben to take a picture for me. We fished on for a further half hour but this only produced one more small schoolie. At least we weren't waterlicked this time.

A couple of days later I decided to have an early morning session from a spot with deeper water. When I got to the shore I found the sea too rough for me to fish from my usual perch and for safety's sake had to cast from a ledge about two metres further up the cliff. I tried with a plug to start with and had one possible touch in about a half-hour before switching to a popper. This proved to be much more attractive and in all I had five attacks from fish in the next thirty minutes. Sadly I failed to hook any of the takes although one fish had three attempts to grab the lure right under my stance. In fact I think that the high stance was the problem. All the takes were in the white water surging round the base of the cliff and I think that the steep angle of the line to the lure may have made it difficult to get a hook-up..


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Another angler.

This chap turned up after us and fished over the same ground with no joy.

Ben trying hard.

Ben flogged away but the bass were hard to tempt.

My fish.

All bass are wonderful fish aren't they?

The morning session.

All my takes were in the white water - but could I hook them????