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10 October 2006

Missed the boat.

My pal David Baker rang last week and said he was coming down to Dorset for an evening's fishing. I wasn't sure whether I'd be able to join him. So we left it at that. Anyway, he sent me the following email ---

--- Hi Mike, went yesterday (wednesday) evening after looking at weather forecast and thinking its now or never.High tide was at 17.20 so not ideal and walking to usual spot by weed piles noticed the sea was as coloured as I've ever seen it.First few casts confirmed my fears of tons of weed fouling virtually every retrieve.About 17.00 had a ferocious bite on the Maria (sounds painful) and the clutch gave a little line.Cracking fight and landed the angriest bass I've ever seen.Superb condition as well (fat bugger) about 4lb, a lovely fish.

Tried to fish on and moved to different areas but eventually gave in battling the weed and decided to go back to the ledge and leger a mackerel head.Had a few chucks with the Maria first and hooked a small pollack so I hastily lobbed him out as live bait. Wasn't the liveliest of baits and after 15 minutes checked him out to find him well and truly now a dead bait and badly nibbled by something (crabs? never see any there There are plenty believe me - Mike.).Anyway stayed until 21.00 with nothing doing so packed up with the intention of fishing Swanage in morning.

Around 5.00am was welcomed by torrential rain and gusts outside so after a cold cup of coffee called it quits and headed for home.Definitely my last bassing trip of the season but at least that was a good fish to end on.

I'd intended going on the Thursday morning to try a livebait but woke up at 5am to find it p***ssing down and blowing a gale so didn't bother (fair weather fisherman eh!) - ML.

Dave concluded - Going to try and get my first double figure pike (had 2 x 9lb fish) and the monster perch are always possible (2 over 4lb caught spinning last year). but first some barracuda and hopefully a bluefish and a jack or two on holiday next week.


Dave .

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Dave's fish.

A cracking bass in good condition and well deserved in the circumstances.