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22 October 2006

Phil's first bass.

To be honest the title of this piece is not strictly correct. Phil, my pal Ben's brother in law, once caught a schoolie when he was a lad. Anyway, having chickened out of several early, early morning trips with us in the Summer Phil turned up with Ben (at 6am) for a recent bassing attempt. To say that he was doubtful about our chances of a fish would probably be an understatement.

It did not start well. We arrived at our chosen spot to find the sea dangerously rough. After standing for five minutes and watching the waves crash over the ledges we wanted to stand on, a quick discussion resulted in a change of venue. We were all similarly equipped with the exception that Phil was using nylon line on the reel instead of braid. This caused him a problem almost straight away in the form of a birds nest - spool too full!

Anyway, we began fishing, carefully avoiding the usual gill net set just offshore. I tried casting a new popper into the roughest stretch of water while Ben and Phil fished the other side of the ledge. Ben was first to contact a fish - a smallish but spirited bass - and like all good pals he promptly gestured to Phil to try in the same spot. Phil's first couple of casts were obviously not quite right because I saw Ben pointing and telling him to angle his cast a bit more to the right. Sure enough on the next cast there was a whoop of delight as Phil's rod bent to a decent fish.

The bass was played into the shallows and while I took a couple of pictures the Lads unhooked it. While they were admiring the fish it slithered into a big rockpool - I wish I'd been using the video camera. Trying to grab a lively three pound plus bass that doesn't want to be handled is a truly entertaining experience. Eventually the fish was returned and minutes later Phil landed his second. I don't know who was more pleased with the outcome Phil or us. One thing's sure, he'll have less trouble getting out of bed next summer.

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No problem to avoid on the cast once it's light enough to see where it is.

Ben's fish.

Not a big one but a good pointer as to the whereabouts of others.

It's on.

Phil's rod is well bent into his first bass caught on a lure (Chug Bug).

Nearly beaten.

Phil walks his fish back to the shallows for unhooking.

Is he pleased?

I'd say so!  Then back it went.