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05 November 2006

Not a flounder.

My grandson Ben has been itching to catch a flounder so last week, when he was visiting us for a couple of days, we bought a dozen ragworms and went down to the river mouth for a session. Both of us were equipped with spinning rodsand light running-legers with small hooks. For the previous few days it had rained heavily and the river was still pretty high and coloured as we made our first casts. It was just about slack high water so there was little or no movement to shift our tackle about, only the odd passing yacht from the marina upstream disturbed our fishing.

For half-an-hour not much (nothing) happened and Ben was beginning to lose faith (to tell the truth so was I) but he tended the rods with care periodically winding in and recasting. We lost one or two baits but otherwise nothing happened then suddenly there was a weight in Ben's rod - a shore crab - was he pleased with that. It was almost as good as catching a flounder. Not long after that another shore crab succumbed to the cunningly presented worm and then we began to get 'fish bites', sharp little niggling taps that we couldn't hook. Ben did reel one fish (as small flounder) half-way to the bank but DISASTER!!!! it dropped off.

I have to say that we were both beginning to lose interest when Ben had a better bite and suddenly was into a thrashing, splashing fish. After a short battle he landed his fish - sadly it was not a flounder but a bass (he's caught them before), so it will have to be better luck next time.

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Is it a bite?

Ben prepares to strike a bite. Could it be the elusive flounder?

Nice one!

Shore crabs may not be the hardest fighters but they are not to be sniffed at on a slow day.

A fish at last.

Ben's bass.  Note my hanky used as protection from the spiky bits.  The hanky was accidentally thrown back with the bass.