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02 July 2007

What a pal.

We've had a thin time recently so when I had a phone call from my pal Richard to say that he'd caught a couple of small bass I was delighted. In fact I'd though about going myself on the morning that Richard caught his fish but had been put off by the forecast (fair weather fisherman). Anyway, Ben and I went the next day. Conditions had deteriorated since Richard's trip. One of the spots he fished was now dangerously rough and the other was really weedy but we persisted. Almost every cast it was necessary to clear weed off the lures but twenty minutes after starting I had a definite bite - a really sharp tug on the line (how did it avoid the hooks?). This was very encouraging and we fished on with renewed vigour.

After a while we tried a second spot but a short time later we returned to where I had had my strike. By now the tide was a little higher and there were quite a few bass feeding close in on Idotea but as usual it was difficult to fish for them because of the amount of crap in the water. A shout from Ben let me know that he was 'in' and after a while I saw him beach the only fish of the session.

Here's my version of his description of what had happened. He had seen three fish tailing and cruising close to the edge. A big wave came in threatening to strand the bass so all three had swum quickly out into safer, open-water just beyond the weedy margin. Ben cast just beyond them and, to his surprise, one of them (probably the smallest - sod's law) grabbed his plug. At short range on braid it almost yanked the rod from his grasp but he hooked, played and landed it with not too much trouble. Excellent! Thanks Richard!

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Feeding bass.

These two fish were only a metre or two from where we stood and were well preoccupied with feeding on Idotea.

At last.

Ben slides his fish ashore.

Now to unhook it.

Ben ponders how to get the treble out - it will need forceps and care.

Open wide.

This fish was certainly intending to swallow its victim.