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15 August 2007

The spice of life.

Despite the livebaiting I've managed a few minutes with the fly gear. I decided, after seeing shoals of largish sprats in the water, that I ought to try upping the size of my Delta/Redgill flies. They don't weigh much anyway so they are still easily castable. The main problem, I found was that the new ones (plain white) were too long in the body to fit easily onto my stainless hooks. I had to cut the heads (and eyes) off the eels to get them to sit straight on the hook shank. Again I used superglue to stick them on but another minor problem arose. They would not stick very well. The answer was a whipping of thread to thicken the hook shank before adding the superglue. Anyway it seemed to work.

For the next session, as usual, Ben and I arrived just before first light and I began fishing in the total gloom. I couldn't see the fly line or the eel. Eureka! Second cast I was into a fish. The fight was unusual - not the plunge of a pollack nor the racing, vibrating rattle of a mackerel. A bit of surface splashing - could it be a small bass? No it was a nice scad. One up for the new, headless eel. After taking my picture next cast produced a bass, then a pollack, then another one and finally a mackerel. The latter went on as livebait and that was the end of my catches for the morning. I find this the hardest part of fishing to be honest when I have to stick to my appointed method whatever the other options may be. Hopefully it will pay off in the long run. Ben continued fly fishing and had a number of pollack on his smaller Delta eels. All in all a very pleasant session and a good variety of species.

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Not much of a picture (camera failed to focus in the dark) but clearly a violet eyed scad.  Note the headless eel.


Even the little ones put up a good splashy fight.  A bit better picture - I didn't try to get so close.

Small pollack.

Some mornings these can be a nuisance.

Another pollack.

Not a big one but typical of the two year olds we're catching this year.


I love catching these on the fly but once I have one for bait it usually signals the end of my bites for the session.