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11 October 2007

A bit rough.

Every few weeks my pal Dave baker comes down for a spot of fishing. He usually fishes an evening and the following morning. Nigel and I met him in the evening for his first session. Conditions wern't too bad although there was a big swell and a bit of a breeze that made fly fishing tricky. Dave spent most of the evening plugging while Nigel and I tried to tempt one of the large surface-feeding mullet that we could see. It was hard going and when I packed in to go for my dinner Nigel had hooked two mullet (on baited Maggot flies) which both escaped. I'd hooked one mullet (on a 'Medusa' fly - thank's for the idea Rupert and Steve!) that messed about for ten seconds then took off for the horizon, shedding the hook in the process. Dave never had a sniff on the plug.

When I met Dave the following morning it seemed that he'd eventually managed to catch a bass on his lure as he was on his way back to the car (just another 'last cast' I expect). Anyway, we tramped down to the sea only to find that it was b****y rough. Nothing daunted we clambered down to our stance and began spinning, Dave with a plug and me with a spoon in hopes of a mackerel that I could use for bait. It was probably twenty minutes before I had a bite - still in the gloom. Feels like a bass I said, no it's a mackerel as it began to thrash its tail, no it isn't it's a garfish we said together as it hove into view.

The gar had hit the lure and somehow managed to transfer the hook to its side, hence the mackerel-like wriggle on the way in. I decided by now that my chances of catching a mackerel for bait were nil so, goaded by Dave, I decided to try the garfish. Of course I never had a bite on it (to be fair I couldn't see how any bass would manage to fold the gar into its mouth) but it swam round for twenty minutes or so. It did look bit tired by the time I unhooked it and dropped it back but it may have survived its ordeal.

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A bit too rough for good mackerel fishing and no sign of any bass.


Note the position of the spoon.  These fish are not easy to hook.


Well I suppose it was worth a try.