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12 March 2008

They're about!

It's March and I've been thinking about having a go for bass. Last week my pal Ben rang and asked whether I fancied fishing at the weekend. We decided that it might be worth a dabble in the briney and arranged to go on Saturday morning. We knew that it got light round about six so we arranged to get to the coast just before that. As it turned out we were about ten minutes late and it was already lightening by the time we began to cast. Conditions looked good so we were reasonably optimistic despite it being so early in the year.

On the walk along the shore we noticed that there were still millions of plastic beads scattered among the weed and pebbles. Presumably these are material for use in moulding plastic items and they appeared last year after the big shipwreck in Lyme bay. I don't know whether they do much harm but for sure they won't do any good to marine life. We also passed the recently dead carcase of a dolphin or porpoise (we didn't look too close because it was already beginning to reek a bit). In the past few years I've quite often found these creatures washed up - presumably the victims of pair trawling for bass.

Anyway, to get back to the fishing. There were three of us (Phil had come too) and we spread ourselves over a hundred metres of beach and began to fish. The water was quite clear and it was just coming up to high tide. Within minutes Ben, who was the furthest east of the three, hooked played and landed a nice bass of four pounds in good nick. We admired his catch and took a few pictures before returning to our fishing but none of us had another bite. Perhaps that ten minutes made all the difference. We'll be earlier next time.

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Plastic junk.

These beads are everywhere - there must have been many tonnes lost.


These huge mammals look so pathetic when they're washed up dead.

Hard at it.

Ben plugging away.

Nice fish.

What a way to start the season!

smile please.

It's always good to land the first fish of the year.  After that the pressure's off.