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02 April 2008

BASS - the Society.

Annual General Meeting - the very words strike terror into the heart of most anglers. Time that could have been spent fishing has to be devoted to listening to a seemingly interminable round of balance sheets, secretary's reports, chairman's platitudes - and worst of all - the squirming, whingeing attempts of the membership to avoid being elected to even the most menial and undemanding position on the committee.

However, there is another side to such events and they can in fact be a very pleasant and rewarding experience. Last Saturday I gave a little slide show to the AGM of the "Bass Anglers Sportfishing Society". I've been a member of BASS for many years now and I always thoroughly enjoy the annual get together. First and foremost there is the chance to meet old fishing pals and new aquaintances from all over the country (from Scotland to the Channel Islands and from Pembroke to Norfolk in this case) and to have a good natter about the past year's bassing. Talks like the one I gave are a feature of the BASS AGM and everyone enjoys hearing about other angler's, tackle, tactics and catches. This year my contribution was followed by one from coarse angler Chris Yates, well-known for his part in TV's wonderful 'Passion for Angling' series, who enthralled everyone with an account of how, quite recently, he has become a serious convert to bass fishing.

At the AGM there is a well-stocked, tackle stall with all the best bits of bassing kit plus many of the latest 'must have' gizmos. For the readers among us, there is generally a bookstall carrying a range of the most readable and informative old and new books on sea angling. The raffle prizes usually include one or two items that anyone would give their back teeth to own (I never win anything myself - must be a curse!). Nevertheless the best thing is the amount that you can learn from other BASS members. There is little of the secrecy and bad feeling that sometimes afflicts other fishing clubs and everyone applauds just as wholeheartedly when the award is made for the best fish taken by a junior or novice as for the biggest fish of the year. It's fantastic.

If you have any comments or questions about fish, methods, tactics or 'what have you!' get in touch with me by sending an E-MAIL to -

The meeting place.

Chris Yates arrives at the huge sports centre, just outside Gloucester, where the AGM is held these days.

Tackle galore!

The meeting is an excellent chance to stock up with the best and latest gear or simply to replace that favourite lure you lost last year.

Look at those bass!

No, it's not the best fish tank ever - simply one of David Miller's fantastic paintings on display at the meeting.  How about that on the wall above your tackle cupboard?

Chris Yates selects a bass lure.

Sorry about the fuzzy picture Chris - I obviously focussed on the kit.

BASS members.

The hall was packed and bass fishing talk was in the air.

My talk.

My slide show ranged from catching pike to landing bass.