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08 April 2008

Bass - the fish.

No AGM this week (although I did have another job to do on Saturday) so when Ben rang on Friday night we arranged for a dawn session on Saturday morning. It was a wonderful dawn with a calm sea and a light breeze - just right to give us a chance of our second bass of the year. When we arrived at our chosen spot we were surprised to find another chap already fishing but when he said that he'd already had a 1lb fish we were encouraged.

As you might anticipate in early April it was slow (in other words we did not get a bite for half-an-hour) so Ben and I decided to move on and try another spot. As we walked away the other angler promptly hooked, landed and returned another fish (that's life!) but we stuck to our plan. Our second and third spots were biteless so we returned to find that the other chap had packed in and gone.

It was after high water now so we chose our stances and began to cast again. Within minutes Ben had a nice plump bass but that was that - no more fish and not a sniff for me. I decided to pop down on my own the next morning (I was keen to get my first bite of the year - just to remember what it was like - you know the feeling). I began fishing at first light and it was MUCH colder than the day before. After half-an-hour my fingers were freezing. Mindful of the catches on the previous day I cast and cast again. Suddenly - wallop! There it was, my first strike. The fish splashed on the surface and ploughed about wildly before I could slide it ashore. A quick picture, unhook it and slip it back into the sea. Wonderful! Another fifteen minutes and I decided that 'honour was satisfied'. Back home in time for breakfast.

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As the tide reached its peak there were lots of these little amphipods hopping up the shore.  I've rarely found one in a fish though.

Ben's bass.

Ben carefully guides his fish through the rocks.

Got it!

Not the biggest bass ever but satisfying in early April.

A fine fat fish.

Nicely hooked on the middle treble.

My bass.

I was really pleased to get this one.

Close up.

Unusually the fish took the tail treble but it was just as fat as Ben's fish.