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29 April 2008

Still a bit early.

I had two trips to the coast last weekend. The first was with my pal Steve Pitts who was on an overnight visit from Bristol and the second was with Ben and Phil. Both were early morning trips and I didn't expect to catch much on either one.

Steve and I were hoping for a bass and when we got to the shore just as the sky began to lighten (about 04.40) there was already a bloke fly fishing in the place we'd earmarked. There was plenty of room so we spread ourselves along the beach and began to spin. Just as it got light I had a knock and then a minute or two later I found myself attached to a bass - wonderful. As it turned out, apart from a couple of taps, that was it for the morning. Steve and I fished along a mile or so of the shoreline but there was no more action. However, it was a beautiful, warm, sunny morning so we were well pleased.

The following morning I was up at 04.00 again to meet Ben and Phil. This time we went to see if there were any mackerel about in the deeper water yet. To cut a long story short we fished for a good hour and a half with plugs, flies and metal lures. We had no bites on the fly at all but the spinning tactics produced six knocks between us and from those we managed to land two small fish - both on Tobys. I had a garfish (which probably explains the missed bites) and Phil had a small pollack. There seemed to be no mackerel or bass about.

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Steve about to cast his Skitterpop - more in hope than expectation..

My bass.

I was pleased to get a bite, let alone a fish.

My garfish.

This one was unlucky.  It managed to hook itself on an old Toby spoon.


There must be millions of these fish lice on the fish that we catch.

Phil's fish.

Not the biggest pollack ever but Phil enjoys his fishing.