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26 May 2008

Give us a clue.

I'm having 'one of those periods in the doldrums'. Even when there are fish about I try the wrong tactics or miss the crucial bite - never mind, it will pass (I hope). Anyway, on the last lot of spring tides a few of us went down for an evening after mullet or bass. The conditions seemed perfect and I'd sussed where the piles of maggoty weed were earlier in the week. Sure enough, as the tide rose, the mullet arrived, big ones, feeding at the surface in decent shoals. However, it was soon obvious that the maggots were drifting in the wrong direction (out to sea) and taking the birds and fish with them. Huge flocks of blackheaded gulls (and a few herring gulls) were squabbling wildly at the surface but well out of fly casting range. We spun plugs and caught a few bass but it was VERY frustrating (nothing changes eh!). Some of the lads from the 'Mullet Club' had fished all afternoon and had had one or two fish on float-fished bread but, in view of the numbers of visible fish, virtually nothing.

I couldn't go on the following evening but my pal Dave Baker tells me that, in contrast to the night before, the maggots (and mullet) were close in all night. Dave was bassing and had a few more small fish on lures but it sounds as though the mullet would have been a sure thing on fly gear. Perhaps in two weeks time we'll have another chance.

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Where shall I cast to?

It's pretty clear where the maggots and the fish are concentrated.


It would be handy if you could really zoom the fish in close enough to cast to them.


There were a few schoolies there but nothing to shout about.

Almost time to go.

As the sun sinks slowly in the west it's often worth a last cast for a bass.