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07 September 2002

An old friend.

When the phone rang last week I was amazed to find that the caller was a friend Jason Beynon - a keen bass angler from Wales. Now when I say a friend we have never really met before. We corresponded, by post, many years ago about some stuff I had written on bass angling. It turned out that Jason was on a short camping holiday near Corfe Castle, just down the road from where I live.

To cut a long story short we decided to meet the following morning and do a spot of plugging/popping together while we had a chat. It was a beautiful morning but the fish were a bit thin on the ground and I could only stay a short time (I had to take my wife in to work). As I left I pointed Jason to a good stretch which we had not had time to fish and left him to it. He rang again that evening to say that he had caught a bass and lost another after I left, so we decided to have another go the next morning.

This time I took Jason down to Worbarrow Bay. Again I had only a short time to fish so we spun from the rocks on the east of the bay - to no avail. I suggested that Jason should try the long shingle beach before the holiday makers arrived. Once more I left too soon as he had about ten bites on the popper and landed four fish up to over four pounds - a good session.

Encouraged by my friend's success I went down on my own the following morning and fished the stretch where Jason had caught his bass. Needless to say the conditions had changed a bit and the fish were less abundant but I managed four bites on the Skitterpop and landed and returned two of them - both on the small side but it was very enjoyable fishing and the fish were in prime condition. In addition it had been a real pleasure to meet and talk to someone who I seemed to have known for such a long time. I look forward to his next holiday in Dorset.

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Worbarrow Bay.

The Tout is the rocky headland in the distance.

The beach.

In the past I have caught many bass from this stretch.  There are some big boulders under the surface of the water as well as on the beach.

One of my 'tiddlers'.

Even these small fish can manage a plump popper.

And another!

One of the fish that I missed did a complete cartwheel over the stationary lure.