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Pollack on the fly.

It is good to have fishing friends. The other day I had an email from my pal Rob. He'd had an evening session with a pal and they'd landed quite a few pollack, a schoolie and a wrasse on the fly. Anyway, when the forecast was for flat calm no swell I decided to try a morning's fly fishing myself. In fact I took three rods - the fly rod armed with my usual tiny, white Delta eel, the spinning rod with a single hooked wedge to try and catch mackerel for livebait and the livebait rod to freeline with a circle hook if I managed to get a suitable bait.

At this time of the year there's no need to get up too early so it was getting on for six o'clock, cloudy and still pretty dark when I started casting the fly. For five minutes nothing happened then I felt a tug, which I missed. On the next cast I was in! A reasonable pollack plunged down into the kelp but was no match for the fly rod with an eight pound cast. Two more decent pollack on the next two casts - the best perhaps 1.5lb then it slowed down a bit so I switched to my wedge to see if there were any mackerel about. On the third chuck a bass took the wedge only inches from the rocks where I stood. It was just a schoolie so after taking its picture and dropping it back in the sea I went back to the fly rod. A few more pollack in quick succession then a livelier customer proved to be a mackerel.

The mackerel was photographed before doing duty as a livebait. It swam about manfully for about twenty minutes but nothing took it so I wound in and picked up the fly rod again. By now it was light but the pollack were still there in force and I caught almost one a cast until I stopped counting at forty fish. By now it was time to go for breakfast and by the time I got back to the car it was 07.45. Wonderful morning - thanks Rob!

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This was my first but not the biggest.  For once I had a headlamp so I could focus the camera properly in the gloom.


The bass took my 'mackerel' wedge right in the edge.  Like most small bass it wouldn't lie still to have its picture taken so it's not very clear.


I could have caught many more if I'd persisted instead of using it for bait.  It was even livelier than the bass, hence the fuzzy picture.