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Bass Conservation in Wexford.

My pal Steve Pitts has just sent me the following email. Anyone interested in bass and bass angling will surely want to 'pen' an email to Wexford C. C. -

Hi Mike

Hope you won't mind me asking you to circulate the following email amongst your bass angling contacts, or posting on your blog, on behalf of John Quinlan - Irish Bass org.

Only 1 week left, but a few minutes to bang off an email as John suggests, will tell Wexford C C how important their bass resource is to the local economy.




John writes -

There is currently a consultation process about biodiversity in County Wexford. The marine environment and the species that inhabit that environment are very much part of that biodiversity.

We as anglers now have a unique opportunity to show Wexford County Council that The bass we fish for are a vital part of the inshore marine biodiversity of the county. The absence of an unsustainable and environmentally destructive commercial fishery for bass and the benefits gained from angler's sustainable and environmentally friendly approach to exploiting that bass stock is vital to the protection of biodiversity along the coastline. Also it is of major economic benefit to the coastal communities of Wexford.

Bass angling (unlike commercial fishing) is highly selective and has negligible impact other forms of marine life and habitats.

We need to urge Wexford County Council, in respect of their commitment to protect and enhance biodiversity, to do all in its power to maintain Ireland's bass protection legislation. The benefits both to the environment and the economy demand that the existing bass legislation be kept in place.

You can do your bit to help by drafting a simple email explaining that you either already visit Wexford or plan to do so in the future to enjoy a bass angling experience.

Simply outline to them that the bass stocks along its coast are, in your opinion, an integral and vital part of its biodiversity and that your actions do virtually nothing to damage that biodiversity while at the same time greatly benefiting the local coastal economies.

Sadly, time is very limited, the closing date for submission is Friday 28th January so we need to act now.

Simply email your views to:

before the closing date.

It will only take a few minutes but could make a big difference.

Thank you

John Quinlan

Irish Bass

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