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07 April 2003

Australia 1.

We're back! Of course the primary object of my recent visit to 'down under' was Dan's wedding but I did manage to wet a line. Second things first - the second week, in Queensland - was almost a total failure as far as catching fish was concerned. However, the birds, butterflies and plants almost made up for the deficiency. Rough, dirty seas made spinning from the shore difficult and the rivers were so low and clear that fishing in the heat of the day (the only time I could get away) was just about futile.

It was the stinger season and the presence of the deadly box jellyfish in the water made wading from the beach impossible. However. I did see a few people bait fishing from a pier and they managed to catch a whiting and a small hammerhead shark. The potential is obviously amazing. I also saw parties of school kids having fishing lessons as part of their curriculum.

I had several short sessions in the Mulgrave River. Although I saw a few fish (and my pal Bob told me that there were plenty of bream as well as mangrove jacks and tarpon present) I only had a single follower (a small snapper) which refused to take my Rapala. It was quite frustrating to know that dawn and dusk (when I was unable to get away) were likely to produce fish - but that's fishing I suppose.

My first week, in Perth on the other side of the continent, was very different and I'll put some of the pictures up next time.

If you have any comments or questions about fish, methods, tactics or 'what have you.'get in touch with me by sending an E-MAIL to -

A stinger net.

Note the warning flags.  This small enclosure, on a beach north of Cairns, is to keep jellyfish out so that people can have a swim in the sea.

The Mulgrave River.

Home to many species of lure taking fish these clear rivers are best fished at dusk or dawn.

Some 'doggy'.

This baby scalloped hammerhead took a lump of squid on crude leger tackle.

Another spot on the estuary of the Mulgrave River.

Note the mangroves on the far bank which make most places inaccessible from the shore.  These waters are the haunt of huge saltwater crocodiles - so NO WADING!