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13 April 2003

Universal lure.

Yesterday morning I decided to go down to the coast and have a look at the conditions. I also wanted to try out my new replacement rod (a cheap, 12ft, 2lb TC carp rod). Although I was up at 4.45 as it turned out I was a bit late and as I made my first cast the sky was already beginning to lighten in the east. I'd clipped on an 11cm countdown plug as a starter. The idea was to give me a chance of anything that might be about and the potential for a bit of distance so that I could cover the water.

The sea was calm and clear but there was still a cool wind from my left (the east) that chilled my hands. However, I had only retrieved a few metres of line when a fish hung itself on the end. Shortly afterwards I beached my first bass of the year and christened the rod. A pause for a couple of pictures of the little fish then next cast a missed bite. Third cast I hooked another bass which fought better than the first but was scarcely bigger.

I wondered how the rod would perform with a popper so I changed my lure for a skitterpop (purchased cheaply when I was in Australia). There were no further bites in the next half-hour so I went home for breakfast.

Interestingly, the same model of plug had caught me fish while I was on holiday in Perth. When Dan and Dee took us to look at the kangaroos on Heirisson Island in the Swan River I'd seen a bloke spinning with a small jig. In his bucket were two small brim (bream) and a flathead. Next day I was dropped off on the Island, with my gear, for a couple of hour's fishing. I decided to try a countdown on a light wire trace (ever hopeful of something big and toothy). No bites in the river so I moved to a small 'lake', fed from the river through a pipe, where I had seen a fish move the previous day. After a few fruitless casts I shifted to the inflow and immediately had a couple of knocks. I then hooked a small bream which dropped off at the edge. No worries - a couple of casts later I hooked another bream and landed it. A wonderful little fish very similar in appearence to the black bream I catch in Swanage Bay. A couple of bites and another bream later I shifted to the outflow pipe and as the plug began to submerge it was seized by a much larger fish (c. 70cm long) which thrashed on the surface and came unstuck - I was gutted. Of course it was now time to be picked up so no chance to try again. I was later subjected to all the 'big one that got away' mockery but never mind eh!

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Dawn on the Dorset coast.

Still gloomy but a bit too late to start really.

First of the season.

First cast - firmly hooked on the tail treble.

Dan and kangaroo.

This was only a few metres from where I caught my bream.  No gloom here, the sun was blazing down.

Acanthopagrus georgianus.

My first Aussie fish.

What a beauty.

These little bream battle just as fiercely as our own.  On six pound braid they are a fine proposition.