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8 August 2003

Fly sport.

Saltwater fly fishing is becoming one of the cult things to do. These days I often see anglers wielding fly gear from the rocks along the Purbeck coast. The other morning my pal Brian Baxter took me to a rock mark, which was new to me, to fish for bass and mackerel. I took my spinning rod and the usual selection of lures but when we met up at 4.30am Brian was armed with a fly rod as well as his spinning gear.

Brian just fancied catching a mackerel on the fly. We started by me fishing a popper and Brian casting a fly. I was soon into a fish on the popper and as I played it I noticed that my pal also had a fish on his fly rod. We landed our respective fish and took a few pictures before fishing on.

As it turned out it was an excellent morning and the fish fed well. On the fly Brian landed a number of mackerel, a pollack and a scad while I had two or three mackerel on the popper followed by several more on a J11 and a modest bass on the same lure. The whole session lasted for no more than an-hour-and-a-half and we totalled sixteen mackerel plus the other species.

A couple of days later we tried again and this time I took my little fly rod. Sport was not quite as good as on the previous trip but I did manage to catch mackerel, pollack and bass on the fly. It also gave me a good chance to compare the three species on the same gear. Interestingly, the bass gave much the best scrap and the pollack were distinctly a poor third when it came to sport. No doubt a big pollack would give you a fair old tussle but pound-for-pound the bass and mackerel had them beaten hands down.

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My first mackerel of the session.

My first ever on a Skitterpop.

Brian had this one on a fly.

The fish are so lively that it is almost impossible to get rod, fly and fish in the same picture.

My bass.

The J11 is such a consistent lure for bass.

My first pollack on the fly.

This was the biggest.  There were hundreds of tiny pollack dashing at the fly as well.

- and a bass.

A real battler on my little fly.

- and a mackerel.

The three fish all took the same little Redgill 'fly'.