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For anyone unfamiliar with the site always check the FRESHWATER, SALTWATER and TACK-TICS pages. The Saltwater page now extends back as a record of over several years of (mostly) sea fishing and may be a useful guide as to when to fish. The Freshwater stuff is also up to date now. I keep adding to both. These pages are effectively my diary and the latest will usually be about fishing in the previous day or two. As you see I also add the odd piece from my friends and correspondents if I've not been doing much. The Tactics pages which are chiefly 'how I do it' plus a bit of science are also updated regularly and (I think) worth a read (the earlier ones are mostly tackle and 'how to do it' stuff).


I seem to have been really busy for the past couple of weeks and it has seriously hampered my fishing. I've been to Exeter, Bath, Trowbridge, Gloucester, Croxton and Ely, all without a fishing rod. Fortunately my pal Alan Bulmer, in New Zealand, has done a spot of fishing and sent me the following little report about the capture of a cracking kingfish on his first boat trip for ages.

Hi Mike,

Peter hooked the fish and gave it to Sandra to land. It took 15 – 20 minutes to bring to the boat. Beautiful fish. He reckoned that the original bite was from a snapper and then it got heavy as he handed it over. The theory is that the snapper was hooked briefly and that the kingfish was trying to nail the snapper and got hooked instead. Bait soakers claimed it as it was mouth hooked. We fished at anchor all through the trip (Alan is a keen lure/fly angler and enjoys fishing soft plastics on the drift)).

I hooked around 12 snapper (2 legal and kept) and 3 stonking kahawai. Lost all of the kahawai due to a combination of mishaps. The biggest, which would have easily been 7 lb, was lost when Peter’s line got caught and travelled up the braid to form a loose knot around my rod tip. It should never of happened but that's fishing isn't it? I had to be really careful as it had all of the makings of a rod tip disaster for a few seconds.

Aside from the kingfish, the boat kept around 8 legal snapper and 4 kahawai. I fished in the stern for the first time ever and found that it's much easier to hook fish when you are casting into the right places.

Kind Regards,


I reckon it was worth it just to see the kingfish and it sounds as though they all enjoyed themselves. It was certainly better than driving about on the motorway as I've been doing.

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Sandra's kingfish - not bad eh?