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03 May 2004

At last!

My sons (I always knew that they'd be useful one day) have now fixed the computer glitches (fingers crossed) so it's back to serious fishing. Last week I had another carping session. It was a warm afternoon so I took a few slices of bread and ventured off to my favourite lake. When I arrived there were several fish showing so I was quite hopeful. ten minutes after the first cast a decent fish took the lump of crust off the top but after a twenty second battle to keep it out of the reeds it came unstuck. I thought about moving to another spot but then I saw another fish take a free offering so I cast again.

Another ten minute wait and a fish took my bit of bread and hooked itself. The battle was not too prolonged and I bustled the carp over a weed bed and led it into the net. Eighteen-pounds-and-a-bit so I was well pleased after last weeks fiasco.

Enouraged by my carp I got up early the next morning and went down to the coast. I was there at four thirty and the dawn light was just showing in the east. It was flat calm. I cast my J11 a few times and was just thinking that it was about time for a bite (they often seem to occur just as I can first see the lure splashing into the sea at the end of the cast) when the rod yanked round and I was into a bass. I played the fish and after landing it took a few pictures (I must miss loads of fish while I'm messing about like this because it's always at the crucial 'biting period') before returning it. Only-a-pound-and-a-half but a pleasing start. I began to fish again and after half-a-dozen casts there was another good bite. This time the bass took line and put up a spirited battle before being beached - four-pounds. By the time I had taken the piccies and put it back it was getting very light and I had no more bites, so I went home.

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The carp.

I've lost the bolt out of the spreader block on my big net so I had to squeeze the fish into this one.

My crack of dawn bass.

Only a tiddler but there is something very satisfying about hooking a fish just when you expect to.

A better bass.

Still gloomy so the auto-flash was in operation on the camera.  This one really did put up a good show.  Two bites - two fish is about as good as it gets when I'm spinning.