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In mid-November we will let you know delivery date, cost, details of how to pay, etc.

Mike and Steve

This quality, case-bound, hardback book consists of 300 full-colour pages, 18 chapters written by 15 travelling anglers, covering 20 countries and over 50 species of fish. This is a fireside or bedside book, to be read over again and again. The initial printing sold out within days and the second issue will consist of individually sealed books ideal for Christmas presents.

Most anglers go on some sort of holidays. Whether it’s a dedicated fishing trip (where you fish until you fall down) or simply a family vacation (where you have to sneak off for an hour while the others are asleep) it is always a serious mistake if you don’t take some fishing tackle. There are few things more frustrating than finding that you are near water containing fish and that you have no gear to fish for them.

Every angler has his or her own approach to the sport. Some of us are old and decrepit (like Mike) others are young(er) and more sprightly. Our fishing experiences are all very different and we write about them in different ways. We think that this is one of the strengths of this book; every tale gives a flavour of real fishing. The blanks are often just as gripping as the fantastic catches and there are always clues to how (and how not) to do it.

Some of the accounts are quite recent others are older, all are fascinating. Whether you need a few ideas for a trip to the other end of the Earth or simply want to dream about faraway places and big fish this is the book for you.

Bluefin trevally.

A fine snook.

Two cracking stripers.

Giant trevally.

Playing a big tarpon.

What a tarpon!

Record catfish.

Here are some of the comments we've had within the first week or so :-

I had a quick flick through the pages & it really does look superb ....well done.


The book is a masterpiece, much larger than I expected. The printing looks superb and plenty to read on those dark winter evenings.


Without really meaning to I started dipping into the pages of Angling on the Edge and I already know I'm going to thoroughly enjoy reading it.


Mine arrived safely today Steve, and very impressive it looks too.


Received my copy today - looks excellent and I'm looking forward to reading it.


First impressions? Absolute quality.......lovely weight to it...........text/paper/pictures are superb. Just what I would expect from Messrs Pitts and Ladle!


Thanks for putting in the time and effort to get this into print, Steve, a truly superb achievement. You must be so proud. Great production, photography and collection of contributors.


Just received my book and as expected it looks great. Can't wait to sit in front of the fire and be transported back to warmer climes! Best regards


I’ve just opened this book and a big wow from me. Fantastic quality and pictures and destined to become a must have for travelling anglers.


I got through the first few pages before the phone started ringing and Mrs G talking so much she was using all the oxygen in the room. Then I had a vision of Norman Bates hitting 'mother' with his shovel. So given the shape and weight of the book I was very tempted but resisted the urge as I'd hate the book to get damaged. Brilliant work of art so far Steve and Mike, I'm looking forward to reading it all......even if I have to do it in Broadmoor hospital.


Collected mine from Post Office this morning. Didn't even get my coat off before starting into reading it. It's a beauty.


Looking forward to the winter nights, a good read and a port & brandy. Or two!


Loving the book, sped to the Co Kerry section and my spirits soared. Worth the price alone many times over.


It is certainly a weighty tome and should come in handy if I ever decide to press wild flowers. Seriously, I've had a quick flick and the printing and photography are first class and it already looks worth every penny of the purchase price. Congratulations to you and all the other raconteurs involved in the production of what promises to be a wonderful collection of angling stories.


Read mine as I’m on holiday and I found it to be a wonderful and inspirational book which exceeded my expectations.


Firstly, just to say that the book arrived in good condition. I have had a good look through it read one or two sections. It is great, and quite different to most ‘destination’ type angling books. Much more ‘personal’.


It is really good, professionally produced, great writing and some great pictures.


All I can say is what an excellent job you and Mike have done putting it together. Andy in Jersey was delighted to receive his copy a couple of days ago and was impressed with the quality.


OMG without reading a word, a simple flick through the pages and it just reeks of class. Looks a stunner


I cracked a semi reading the first chapter. Is that acceptable?


Just picked up the book from post office (was still away when you sent it) and it looks incredible.


Impressive tomes to say the least. Looking forward to reading all the ‘tales’ over the winter.


A huge thanks to Steve and Mike for grinding out the publication of this fine book. Only yet read the Co Kerry chapter, so glad that the kingdom has been recorded in such a manner. Fantastic.




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