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17 June 2005

Blank or what?

Last weekend I went fishing with my pal Steve Pitts. The idea was to catch a bass but, as it turned out we did not find any. We saw millions of Idotea in the loose weed slopping in the water's edge but there was no sign of fish feeding on it. Steve tried a plug and I tried a fly but the only result was a couple of fish that I scared as the fly line swished over the top of them in thirty centimetres of water.

We walked a fair way and tried two or three likely spots but nothing. Anyway - on the way back we reached a nice sheltered little bay among the rocks, again with lots of loose weed in the water. We stood and watched for a while - as you do - and it was soon apparent that there were lots of decent fish moving about over the flat rocks. There were swirls and boils as they turned. Every so often one or two would cruise along with a triangular fin sticking up above the surface and a bow wave pushed along in front.

It was too much to resist although it was apparent that the fish were mullet and they did not seem to be feeding. We had no bread, dog biscuits or maggots with us and to be honest it felt like time for breakfast. However I couldn't resist a couple of casts. I crept into the shallows and sat down on a handy ledge that was just awash. It was easily possible to reach the fish with a fly but, as expected, they showed no interest at all. I suppose the lesson is to 'be prepared' and always to have some bait in the bag.

I'll leave this comment from the 24th May for the early risers who want to hear a bit more about mayflies - BBC Radio 4 Sunday 26 June 06.35am

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Mullet boil.

In the calm conditions it's easy to see any movement.

Bow wave.

A mullet ploughing along from right to left.


Thank heavens for chesties.

I have to try.

It was futile to cast but I couldn't resist.