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14 August 2005

Odd fish!

Nigel has been catching a few bass on bait recently and the other evening we decided to go together and try a spot where he had recently lost a good fish. We arrived at about half-past-eight in the evening and it was still pretty light so we opted to spin for a while before baiting up. Nigel was using a Rapala and I had on the Maria that I am 'testing to destruction'. About ten minutes after we had started I heard Nige call out and looked across to see that he was playing a decent fish. As I watched it grounded him and I assumed that it was a wrasse. Sure enough, when he managed to haul it free the fish came to the surface and showed a big, rounded brown fin. When it was landed it proved to be a really nice specimen.

I still meet lots of anglers who are dubious about the possibility of catching wrasse on lures. In fact, as I've said before, I quite often catch more wrasse than bass on my plugs. If you really want to avoid the wrasse the best thing to do is probably to use a surface popper. I've had bass, mackerel and pollack on these but so far no wrasse. I expect I shall catch a ballan 'off the top' one day but I haven't yet.

We did not have a sniff of a bass before we packed in. On my next trip I decided to pop all the time. The decision was thrust upon me by the kelp fronds up at the surface. It would have been tantamount to throwing away a diving or sinking lure of any kind. In fact I had one or two takes from smallish fish (probably pollack) but the biggest surprise came after I had been fishing for about ten minutes. I cast across the tide race and popped the lure back. As it chugged across the choppy, fast flowing water it suddenly stopped popping so I wound in quickly to see what was up. Hanging from the tail treble by its snout was, of all things, a sand smelt about the same size as the lure. I would say that it was an accidental foul hooking but you can never be sure. I've had sand smelts on my baited spoons on a number of occasions so it's just possible that the little fish had a go at the popper.

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Nice fish Nige.

Wonderful fish ballan wrasse.  This one gave Nigel a good tussle including a tug of war from the wrack.


Wrasse are very attractive fish.

Kelp forest.

When the tide runs hard over this stuff a surface lure is your only hope.

Surprise, surprise.

Will I ever catch another one of these little devils on a popper?