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02 January 2004.

Coarse Fishing.

It's a while since I updated the fishing site and to tell the truth I haven't done much fishing over the Christmas-New Year period. However, I did have a couple of trips to the river. On one occasion I fished a small hatch pool in a mill stream. I simply float fished with maggots. It was a bit tricky because of the brambles, ivy and branches dangling from every bank and corner. On one or two occasions I had to rescue the gear after a slightly enthusiastic strike (anyone will tell you that I'm a crap coarse angler). nevertheless I did catch lots of fish and it was interesting to see where the different species were in the pool.

Firstly I had dace from the right hand side on the tail of the pool. Then a couple grayling, both from the fast water running in followed by a single perch from just in front of a submerged obstruction. After that the bites went off a bit and it was only when I started to fish the left hand side eddy that I began to catch roach and a few gudgeon. fascinating! (I'm easily fascinated).

Later on I went piking with my third son Richard who stayed with us over the festive season. Rich is a very keen angler and it seemed like a good day. He used my usual gear with a small fish tethered under a cork on a single hook. Not wanting to deep hook any pike he was striking fairly quickly. His luck was really out and the first four pike (including a couple of decent ones, around double figures, came unstuck. It was only as we were thinking of packing in that he finally managed to hook and land a fish. Anyway - it was a smashing afternoon out.


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January 02 2004

The dace spot.

I had lots of dace including one or two good ones from this spot.

A dace.

Not great battlers but lovely fish (the fins are almost as red as some roach).  I had afew problems with reflected light on the pictures.

Grayling and perch.

The yellow arrow was the grayling place and the perch came from just in front of the submerged pilings..


The smaller of my two grayling.  It would not lie still for a picture.  You have to be careful else they gobble down the hook.


Presumably this fish was lurking by the obstruction.

The roach spot.

I caught loads of roach from this eddy.

A roach.

The roach fed well but were only in one area of the pool.

Rich piking.

He was really unlucky with lost fish.

At last!.

Rich was quite pleased to land this one.