'Other Good Fishy Info.'


"The B.A.S.S. Club" The BASS site is the place to find out the latest on the fish and how to catch them. Strong on conservation! The Bass Anglers Sportfishing society
FishBase FishBase will help you to identify that ugly thing (Fish I mean) you caught last time you were on holiday. A guide to all the world's fish. FishBase
Flies For All Fish A good site for saltwater fly anglers. Books, fly patterns and how to fish them. Jack's site includes an information exchange and some of the features (for example on surface flies for striped bass) are very relevant to bass fishing over here. Flies For All Fish
Web CounterTM The web counter used on the front page of our site was supplied by Web Counter. We have set it up to count new hits only and it doesn't re-count your visit if you look at a different page on this or any other site. So the amount of hits on our front page gives a (fairly) true count of people looking at this site. Digits.com
UK Salt Water Fly Fishing This is the site to visit if you are into saltwater fly fishing and want to fish in the UK. UK Salt Water Fly Fishing
UKSaltwaterflies This is a commercial site selling flies, tying materials, books etc. and providing some information about fishing particularly in Cornwall. UKSaltwaterflies
East Anglia Sea Angling This is a good site run for anglers fishing in East Anglia and has links to a number of other sea angling sites. East Anglia Sea Angling
Sea Fishing Northern Ireland This is a well run site run for anglers fishing in Northern Ireland with lots of information, links and a discussion forum. Sea Fishing Northern Ireland