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"Maggot-flies for mullet.".

Recently I've had a number of enquiries specifically about the floating maggot-flies that I use for mullet (and bass) fishing. Every single email requested me to show a decent picture of 'the fly'. Now if you are expecting to see works of art you will be disappointed, my skills as a fly tyier are zip. However, here it is!

I've put some old shots of the baited fly in the lips of various fish caught on them so as to give some idea of what they look like with three or four maggots on the bend of the hook. In addition I've put a penny in the picture to give you a clue about size.

The flies are made by cutting a little rectangular prism of ethafoam (or similar material) and feeding it over the point and onto the hook shank. I then tie a short length of white thread to the eye of the hook and wind it, fairly lightly, round the body of the fly. The idea is that the thread stops the foam from slipping down onto the bend of the hook and also gives it a bit more of a maggoty shape by giving a few turns at the tail (bend) end before tying it in. The result is a crude, rugby ball-shaped, foam maggot that keeps the hook afloat

In use, I prog three or four maggots on the bend of the hook (the two flies on the bottom right are best for this) and away I go. I tend to use six pound nylon for the cast - if it's calm and weed free you can go down to four and if it's rough and snaggy you might go up to seven or eight.

Cast into the thickest shoal of surface maggot feeders you can find and either watch the fly for a take or watch the line for any movement that might suggest a taking fish. Some days you may find it difficult to get a bite at all and on others you may be playing fish all the time.

If you have any comments or questions about fish, methods, tactics or 'what have you.'get in touch with me by sending an E-MAIL to - docladle@hotmail.com


Maggot flies for mullet.

A selection of maggot flies.

Any of these should be OK.The one on the top left is trussed a bit too tightly and may sink.

Different background.

Note the fly bottom right is on a barbless hook, these seem to work OK.


Once hooked on these small hooks the fish tend to stick - no 'soft mouths' here.

A bass.

Bass take maggots keenly and not all of them are small ones like this.

Another mullet.

Note that the maggots are still on the hook after hooking and playing the fish.