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Maltese fish market.

On our recent trip to Malta we visited a Sunday morning quayside market at Marsaxlokk (try saying that after a pint or two). I always like to have a look at fish markets just to get an idea of what might be swimming in local waters. To be honest I think all the fish were either caught from offshore boats or reared in nearby fish farms but it was an interesting experience. The canopy above some of the stalls was bright red and the sun shining through it turned everything the same colour so I've tried to adjust things to 'real' colour as far as possible. Some fish such as bass, conger, spurdog and grey mullet were quite familiar but others like greater weever and Mediterranean parrot fish I'd never seen before. I've done my best to put names to the ones illustrated below.

DOES ANYONE KNOW ABOUT THE FISHING IN VALLETTA HARBOUR (not mullet)? I shall be there in late September

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Marsaxlokk harbour.

The fishing boats are even more brightly coloured than the fish.'

Greater weever.

These fish are supposed to reach a maximum length of 40cm but these were much bigger (perhaps 4kg).  Note that the poisonous dorsal fin has been cut off.'


Popular food fish but whether this head was for sale I'm not sure.'


I've caught quite a few of these on lures in other parts of the Med.  Some more weevers (a bit smaller) and some bass.'


They don't reach the size of our own conger eel.'

Red mullet.

The breams are probably pandora and annular bream (with the black blotch in front of the tail).  It's said that in Roman times gourmets would pay more for a good mullet than for the fisherman who caught it.'

Chub mackerel.

Closely related to our own mackerel but spotty.'


The males have a black blotch behind the gill cover.  The other fish is a wrasse.'


a nice specimen spotted by Ben near the harbour wall.'