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Barrow Island.

I last saw my pal Ted Dunn when I was at Newcastle University in the 1960's. We were founder members of the Angling Club there and spent many an hour fishing the lakes, rivers and coast of Northumberland (it was a truly 'all round' angling group). Ted now lives in Aberdeenshire, having moved there after a long time in the Orkneys (must ask him for a piece about the fishing up there!). Anyway, Ted's son Nick has just been to Barrow Island, off the coast of Western Australia. Nick is clearly a 'chip off the old block' and took some excellent pictures of the place and the fish that he caught over there. Here's a small selection.

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What a place!

I wouldn't mind a few hour's fishing on this beach - how about you?.'

Green turtle??

I've seen a few turtles myself but I thought that this was a good close up.'

It's on!

Nick into a fish from the shore.  I'm green with envy.'


These fish are the Indian Ocean versions of the 'jacks' that we catch in the Caribbean.'

On a popper.

Clearly the same tactics are effective whichever ocean you're fishing for jacks/trevally in.  This looks like a small 'giant trevally' to me but I could be wrong.'

Coral trout??

Obviously not a relative of our trout but a spectacular fish.  I think that there are several related species.'


I think that this fish is actually a Lethrinid or emperor but this one is supposed to be a species from the east coast.'

Day's end.

As I said, what a place!'