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My pal Dave Baker has just been for one of his family trips to Gomera island and of course he took his fishing gear with him. As ever his report of the trip is worth a read.

Hi Mike

Just a few photos of our recent holiday.Weather wasn't the best and the sea was the roughest I've seen ever out there.The ferry was cancelled for a few days which is most unusual.

The barracuda were in the local beach/harbour on the first day's snorkelling trip at Vueltas, Valle Gran Rey, but that was the last I saw of them.The only fish I caught plugging were lizardfish, so I basically gave up fishing there apart from catching a couple of palometa whilst float fishing with bread.

Lizardfish seem to crop up everywhere and take lures like demons. ML.

We stayed on the other side of the island at San Sebastian for our second week and fishing wise it was much better. Every morning a short 2 minute walk over the beach to the rocks at 7am and a plugging session before breakfast for an hour would result in some good fun with small barracuda, all taking the Maria Chase lure. You could usually get at least 4 bites each morning plus a lizardfish on the way back over the sand.

Lizardfish! - there has to be a downside. ML

The marina here held some huge mullet, cow bream and palometa but was off limits. The bluefish and bonito were totally absent also,but we found some bigger barracuda on a couple of trolling trips with Miguel 'our local' from previous trips. I'd noticed the mackerel livebait that the big fishing boats had in holding nets in the harbour but had never seen any sign of a mackerel whilst spinning. Miguel showed us whilst out on his boat - his 'fish finder' screen indicated that the sea was alive with them about 2 miles out. With his 10 hooked hand line he filled a bucket in no time. Strange that they don't come inshore here. Shame the big tuna aren't here anymore to feast on them either. Miguel also unveiled his electric reel which was loaded with wire and he sent down 3 mackerel baits. These went down forever and ever, 534 feet in depth it was and it took ages to bring them back up again. Not very exciting so we moved back under the cliffs and chased the barracuda again.

Joe had a close encounter he was mucking around in the rock pools catching the various fish when a rather angry moray eel took his bait. Talk about slippery. I had to cut it off to release it after unhooking, as it had wrapped itself around in the line numerous times.

wise move - they can't half bite. ML

I had the usual trip to the freshwater catching the black bass again. I used a small Skitterwalk lure this time and they loved it,crashing in to it with gay abandon. It actually made me jump a couple of times. So aggressive are these fish I even used a fly rod and broke my duck with it.

I see you've found a few bass. Have you checked the maggoty weed out recently? I was going to come down for an evening session then possibly follow it up the next morning.

Hopefully see you soon



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I see what Dave means.'

Mullet and cow bream.

It must be a bit frustrating if you can't fish for them.'


That's what I call a livebait bucket.'


Not a monster but still a toothy handful.'


I'm not keen on handling these fish.'

Sea hare.

These sea slugs are amazing creatures.  I've never seen one that looked like this though.'