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09 December 2008

Another fantastic year has come and gone. In 2008 in January I visited Antigua with Lilian. Later we went to Baja Mexico with Steve, to try and catch a roosterfish from the beach and after that we went to South Africa with Dan and Dee, to see the amazing plants and animals. We were not disappointed. Lilian, much to her astonishment, was awarded an MBE for her services to archaeology. This resulted in a trip to Buck House in November and I had to wear a suit and shiny shoes – a very rare experience resulting in much mockery from friends and family. Overall I did a bit of fishing, a bit of gardening and a fair amount of writing. The children and grandchildren all seem to be fit and well.

By now I’m well into winter fishing mode and it looks as though there may be some decent pike about in the river this year but, first things first. Antigua produced a variety of, mostly small, fish although the potential was considerable. I find that it is always difficult to catch fish on a ‘first trip’ to anywhere and this was no exception. That’s fishing! The most interesting thing, for me, was seeing ballyhoo for the first time and managing to catch one or two on breadcrust. They really are bizarre creatures. As far as I can gather the beak-like lower jaw is a sensory organ rather than a feeding device.

Our time on the Pacific coast of Mexico proved to be just as tricky for us and we fished our socks off to catch a few small roosters (what wonderful creatures) plus a wide variety of other denizens of the deep. The best fish hooked (a decent rooster) came unstuck after taking my small live mullet – perhaps some other time?? I love eating beans and rice so the Mexican cuisine was just to my taste. The desert plants and animals rounded off a great trip.

South Africa was really a non-fishing trip but the fauna and flora were just about beyond belief. We had views of everything from aardvark to zebra and met some really interesting people along the way. We'd certainly go again.

At home the bass fishing was about average, mullet were, at times, thick on the ground (usually the day before I decided to go fishing for them), there were pollack and wrasse, pike, perch and carp aplenty. Circle hooks have replaced J hooks for all my larger bait fishing (not for maggots etc. yet though) and the results have not declined as a result. I had some good days out with my pals Ben and Nigel and my grandson Ben. As usual, I had a torrent of fascinating fishing emails from all over the world in response to stuff on the website. Anyway, enough of my ramblings. Hope that you all have a good Christmas and catch plenty of decent fish in 2009. I’m really looking forward to next year and hoping to hear how everyone got on in 2008.

All the best,


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Tiny but fascinating.'


A memory of Mexico.'

Take a good look.

Lilian with MBE flanked by me (in suit!!!!), son Marc and his wife Linda.'


Weve done a fair bit of fishing together.'


My other regular fishing mate.'

Young Ben.

He's really getting the hang of fishing now.'


All the best to everyone.'