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A boxed set.

Over the years things tend to change a bit. The other day I decided to take one or two pictures of my lure/fly boxes and compare them with what I was using when I first started the blog. Some things haven't changed at all, so the maggot flies that I use for mullet are almost exactly the same as they used to be. However, the set of lures that I use for bass fishing has changed quite a bit. Instead of a range of DIY modified jointed plugs, diving to different depths, I now tend to carry long casting, unjointed versions plus a couple of weedless or weed dodging soft plastics. Of course it is still handy to have a couple of jointed Rapalas (strong on vibration) for when the water's murky and weed free but they are no longer my 'banker' lures.

When it comes to smaller lures for use in the river and for fly fishing in the sea most of the flies are unchanged but, for perch, plastic jigs now have place in the box. Of course the old faithful Redgills and Deltas are as always hot favourites for bass. The traditional dry and wet flies are still there but I can now see the benefits of a few fast sinking wet flies with metal heads. None of these things are particularly new or original but I'm always ready to add to the suite of attractors when something with a definite advantage comes along (it's rare). No doubt there will be more changes over the coming weeks and months and it never does to get 'stuck in a rut' when it comes to any sort of fishing. Nevertheless next summer I expect most of my fish will continue to be taken on shallow diving plugs with the others coming into their own for special conditions.

If you have any comments or questions about fish, methods, tactics or 'what have you.'get in touch with me by sending an E-MAIL to - docladle@hotmail.com

Old faithfuls.

From the surface to six feet down these lures served me well for many years.'

New kids.

From right to left a wedge for distance fishing, a surface popper a long casting shallow diver and two soft plastics, the  one on the left rigged to hide the hook and be almost weedless.'

Small lures and flies.

This is my box of small items. A mix of jigs and 'flies' in the broad sense of the term.'

Maggot flies.

these are the ones I've used for years.'

Maggot flies.

- and - just the same - these are my current crop.'

All my flies.

Everything from a gurgler to a daddy, occasionally useful but not often thrust into action.''