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Alan Bulmer just sent me another fine descriptive piece about his shore fishing. I know how hard trevally (jacks to me) fight so I can live every twist and turn with him. Wonderful stuff!:-

Hi Mike,

Low tide today in Paradise was at 1440 hours so I fished from 1240 - 1440 hours. Beautifully fine with nary a cloud in the cerulean sky.... Cool breeze gusting 10 knots from the SW initially which spun to NE around 1400 hours. Idyllic. Started fishing with a Ripple shad on a 1/4 oz jig head. Perfectly weighted for the conditions and it beat a sweet tattoo along the bottom as it arched shorewards. Surprisingly no touches during 45 minutes of steady procession downstream with the ebbing current.

Opted to change to a Yo-Zuri 3D vibe, retrace my steps to the start point and then work upstream to the moored yachts. By now there was a steady procession of powerboats and paddle boarders shuffling past so I started to think that it could end up being a blank session. Almost on cue at 1400 hours the lure got slaughtered following a rip with the rod tip. The IRT reel howled with delight as a heavy fish angrily dragged braid from the spool as it set off to the harbour mouth. I applied side and jogged to keep up with it. The side worked a treat and the fish started to run parallel to the shore all the while shaking its head. Then, inexplicably, about 50 metres downstream it shook the hook and swam free. Damn! I'd picked it for a big trevally of around 6 lb.

I returned to where I hooked it and kept on working upstream. In the next 30 minutes I hooked two kahawai in quick succession amongst the moored yachts and unoccupied mooring buoys. The largest, which was around 2 lb., jumped in close and spat the lure as if it was a baby and the lure was an "orthodontic pacifier". The smallest was hardly bigger than the lure. Next I opted to go back to where a side channel joined the main estuary and have a few casts before going home. For the last cast I decided to wade thigh deep and try to drop the lure hard against the far bank. The cast was a beauty. Two rips with the rod tip and the lure got monstered by a heavier fish which took off in a withering burst. It is hard to follow when you are thigh deep in water so I backed out to the shore and luckily the fish stopped running, turned and headed back upstream. Applying side I kept on backing away and the fish followed charging into the shallows and beaching itself. 4 lb of writhing muscle. Great way to end the session.

Great! Pity the bigger one escaped - next time eh?.

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Nice trevally.

Worth catching for the colours alone.'